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TG Eye Cream Applicator

TG Eye Cream Applicator

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Product: 1pc


  • eye cream applicator 
  • reducing eye bags
  • get rid of dark circles 
  • massage for face lifting

Material: Zinc Alloy


  • with a massage spoon, you can enjoy a safe clean, hand- free makeup or skincare routine! 
  • made of zinc alloy, making it rust slower then most metals
  • flat scoop applicator with minimal raised ridges to ensure the product on it doesn’t fall off. U-shaped handle to ensure a stable grip
  • Addition to being a applicator it is a product for massager for masks, cream, serums
  • Small and convenient making easy to carry and not take up space 
  • Increase circulation, improve blood circulation around face and neck by massaging eyes and face 
  • Removes dark circles, eye massages are more effective than applying eye cream or serum by hand 

How to use:

  1. after washing and toning, scoop a generous of cream, serum or mask
  2. massage into your skin until product is fully in skin
  3. to apply, press and roll around the face



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