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TG Double Headed Blackhead Remover/Pore Cleaner

TG Double Headed Blackhead Remover/Pore Cleaner

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Product: 1pc 


Stainless Steel

  • face skin care
  • facial pore cleaner 

Features: safety remove dirt and debris that can clog pores,

  • Use large end for chin and forehead
  • Use smaller end for nose area 

Use: suggested to use 1x per week with at least 5 days in between each use. 

  1. Start with clean freshly washed face 
  2. Use warm water or steamer to open pores
  3. Hold the tool using your thumb and index finger in the middle at a slight angle to your skin with the curved side facing forward 
  4. Hold skin tight with other hand 
  5. Press down lightly and push upward to force dirt/blackheads/oil and debris from pores 
  6. Use large end on forehead and chin
  7. Use small end for nose area 


  • always use on clean skin
  • do not use when makeup is on or face hasn’t been washed(as this can drive dirt and bacteria into pores
  • If irritation occurs discontinue use immediately
  • Do not use if you have: persistent  and or widespread acne, broken or irritated skin, sunburn, eczema, or any other skin condition(sensitive skin doesn’t count as long as you don’t over apply pressure) 
  • Do not use directly on eye or eyelid or lips 
  • Do not use with any cosmetic and or skincare products using physicalexfoliants 


  • Clean tool after every use
  • wipe clean with isopropyl alcohol 
  • dry immediately after cleaning with towel
  • tool can be sanitized in an autoclave or barbicide 




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