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TG Blackhead Remover Vacuum Suction

TG Blackhead Remover Vacuum Suction

Giá thông thường $30.00 USD
Giá thông thường $40.00 USD Giá ưu đãi $30.00 USD
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  1.  facial clean
  2. skin rejuvenation 
  3. dead skin removal
  4. skin moisturizer 
  5. anti-acne

Power source: USB


  • cyclic moist suction: first dissolve and then adsorb, safe and painless without harming the skin, S type tip: closer to the skin, deep cleaning 
  • oxygen water cycle: blue light sterilization 
  • moisturizing while sucking: replenish moisture in time to tighten pores
  • three levels, suitable for different skin
  • different suction heads, different function
  • rechargeable, easy and convenient 
  • small bubble vacuum blackhead removal


  • remove blackhead, deeply clean face blackhead whitehead extractor, vacuum blackhead removal 
  • for acne , pimple skin treatment 
  • treatment for sagging skin and wrinkle, skin rejuvenation
  • treatment for the stain and dull skin 
  • the effect will be more effectively if use blackhead vacuum remover device  and 5pc acne/blackhead heads and facial brush


  • Small bubble blackhead remover is equipped with 6 different heads, rough flaws mobility, avoid excessive accumulation of dead skin cells, keep skin smooth, tender, bright luster 
  • it’s a kind of safe, painless way to remove blackhead. Import medium: warm water, purified water, energy water, cleansing
  • solution, blackhead remover, makeup remover, softening water, essence water, toner

3-speed adjustment mode (meets different skin needs)

  • Oily: suitable for oily skin
  • Neutral:  suitable for neutral skin
  • Dryness:  suitable for dry skin


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