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I absolutely love my cup and can’t thank you enough for it!

That Baby Necklace
Candyss Vaughan
Love it !

I absolutely love it That Mom necklace too . Wish you would make some plus size clothes.

Influencer package course

I’m a new content creator so this guide was very helpful.

Great course

I brought courses in the past from different people but this one is very good give great information and not hard to follow worth every penny.

Phone/Camera Stand
KerryAnn Hunter
Camera Stand

The stand is very secure and flexible... I love it quality is great!

Wanted a hard copy instead got a email with it waste of money

Love it!

I enjoyed her guide on content creator. It is easy to follow along and understand and very clear. She gives you good advice, tips and tricks. Thank you


Had me looking snatched!😂😂 First time saying that, but it’s true! I’m a xs but this still got me like a glove and I still have room when I start a family one day. Thanks Tee❤️

Its helped me so much

I was a little skeptical about purchasing as i have seen so many creators charge for things like this. But i have been following you for awhile and I knew it would be something that would help me out a lot on my journey as a creator! Thanks so much, i look forward to buying more things and supporting your business ❤️❤️

I love how it keeps my hair dry when my face is wet


I actually just posted my first TikTok video today and it’s because of your wonderful advice, tools and guidance. Thank you so much!!! This is the best purchase I had made so far.🤎

Tees Community
Mika Tucker

My views sky rocketed up to 961 views in the first week, I appreciate tee so much

Great info for beginners still have questions about other topics because I know some of the info that was given

Great Ebook

This provided me with inside and out of what I need to be to be a content creator. I am definitely working hard and taking everything into consideration.

Didn’t never receive the product. Was very disappointed

Best decision I made in purchasing

The information provided is very informative. It provides breakdowns of literally everything you need to know about content creating. Shows you and gives you examples of how to speak with brands on collaborations. Shows you how you can make money for your content. I’m glad I purchased the book honestly, it’s been helping me a lot and the progress is really showing.

Although it is very cute, cozy, soft and warm, I wish I had gotten a bigger size. A medium was too fitted even for my petite body.

You’re a great Influencer

Hi! Thank you for putting in the time to actual help people with producing content. I have recently been using your tactics and advice and my views have grown tremendously. I went from getting 400-1k views a month to 3.4k-3.5k a month. Thank you so much. Your book is much appreciated.

Love this blueprint, it’s very helpful with getting started. An the words of encouragement along the way throughout the book is awesome 🫶🏽

"That Mom" bottle

I absolutely love my new bottle, it's just the right size to fit in my gym bag! Look forward to order more products,

I just received my mom 500 mill sport drinking bottle. I love it right size. I can put it in my bag.

Just received my mom flat drinking bottle, and I love it. It's just the right size. I'm fascinated with all types of water bottles, but I never saw a flat square one. Thank you so much.

I’m in love with this “That Mom Kitchen Apron”. From the design to the pockets it’s very comfortable. Fits all types of bodies. This is my new favorite apron and I Definitely recommend.

Influencer (Content Creator) Blueprint

Real life Details

I’m going to start with “Get this” It’s Very detailed, organized and well put together. So much helpful information on how to be successful as an influencer. It really gives you hope & pushes you towards success. I have learned a few new skills & so can you. I totally recommend this to my followers so that it can help them how it’s helping me. Thank you Tee