Why Tees Guidance?

We stand for empowering and improving moms/women around the world! Our founder Tee is a 25 year old first time stay at home mom. She started making content with her daughter when she was 6 month in a way to find herself(self love) and try to beat PPD(postpartum depression) and PPA(postpartum anxiety) and quickly found herself growing an amazing community of moms/women that could relate so much in her lifestyle videos. She then started to get monitized on her platforms and receiving brand deals. As a stay at home mom that only had 1 income coming in from her Husband, this was a great relief to be able to finally get paid for what she’s been doing for months! She then decided to open her own business helping moms/women do what she does as well as sell Amazing Self Care Products and Baby Carriers. We appreciate you so much for supporting our small business and believe 1 day we can be big!