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TG Portable Oral Water Flosser

TG Portable Oral Water Flosser

Giá thông thường $40.00 USD
Giá thông thường Giá ưu đãi $40.00 USD
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Products: 7pcs

Type: Electric Oral Irrigator

Water Tank Volume: 300ML

Power Type:  Rechargeable

Number of nozzles: 

Number of modes: 3

Age Group: Adults

3 reasons for recommendation: for clean and healthy teeth, a new way of life, attracted by appearance fallen for quality 

Reason to use: 

  1. Effectively removes stains on Teeth
  2. floss can remove 99.99% food residues hidden on or between teeth
  3. Massage teeth and gums, and promote blood circulation 
  4. helps prevent bad breath and is beneficial for orthopedic care
  5. waterproof design so it can be used safely for shower in the bathroom, and washed under water directly 
  6. portable design can be used in the office, household, travel, convenient to carry and used prevent oral health anytime anywhere! 


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