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Tees Guidance

Guidance Call

Guidance Call

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Time slots

This is 1 on 1 call for 30mins with Tee.

You can either book;

Regular Call: Can ask any questions, advice and tips 

✨ FaceTime call: Can ask any questions, be shown how to do something, more if your a visual learner to be assisted with(editing, shown how to add something to Shopify account, how to set up phone for a specific angel) 

Meet Up Call: For if you need Tee to show you how you should be setting up your camera/ if she can record for you,  to edit something for you while showing you how to do it, anything more hands on! (Meet ups at work places, meet  ups could be in IKEA, or home decor place if your an SAHM needing assistant, Almost any public place she can come and record you and assist you! (if wanting home meet up additional $400)

You will be able to talk about anything, she can just listen, she will give you advice, if you just wanted someone to chat with she is there!


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Why Tees Guidance?

If you’re capable to learn and be taught then you’re capable to be successful and elevate yourself! It’s the simple question on if you will let Tees Guidance teach, guide and influence you into doing so? Knowledge and drive brings true success, as no one, can take away either one of those things from you! 

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